Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is my last post. Goodbye.

So, it's that time when I write this farewell post. I've said goodbye once before - back in February 2009. But I didn't truly mean it. I didn't even delete my posts and archive. I didn't limit my blog. And I resumed only 3 weeks later.

But this time I mean it. I have given this much and enough thought. And my reasons are many - which I shall not get into. But, I'll just say that it is a feeling that this blog has overstayed it's welcome, and that it has exhausted its charge. However, those 4 years of blogging have, dare I say, changed my life.

I actually had a beautiful post in my draft folder that I had wanted to publish in June. I talked about my trip to the states and how it's been almost a year since I stood in the airport in California and waved goodbye in tears. I stood there and it crossed my mind for a split second, that maybe had it not been for this blog, for being posh lemon, I wouldn't be there in that moment of time. My life, indeed, took a different turn. Maybe I'll leave this for a future book deal - I pray I get one.

And, after over 6 months of deliberation, I finally took this brave decision to delete almost 4 years worth of posts. A small legacy. A posh lemon legacy - if I may.

For those of you who have been reading this blog and sharing your valuable comments and advice, thank you so much. For those of you who have written me emails and had to wait for days and weeks for a procrastinating Posh to respond to you, thank you so much (for being patient with me). For those of you who were tempted so many times to tell me off or lambast me but never did, thank you so much (for sparing my already soft feelings). And for those of you who have invited me to meet and build a "real" friendship and had to bear a rejection from me, thank you so much (for not taking offense and for understanding. I am flattered and I do have some regrets)

And for those of you few bloggers (and you know yourselves), whom I got to know on a personal level beyond this blog, thank you for breaking and entering. I say breaking and entering because that's what happened. It was not necessarily my choice but I am glad it happened despite me. My life wouldn't have been the same. You have truly made that great difference because each of you are very special individuals in your own right. So, for being my friends, thank you so much.

I am not very far away. I am on twitter. As posh lemon. At least for the time being. And, I will still be here. Commenting on your posts. Checking your blogs out. Cheering you on. You can reach me any time.